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Techtel is a 25 year-old Marketing Research and Marketing Systems organization, with a long history of working with outstanding Information Technology organizations and people. See here.

For years we have tracked and measured the competitive strengths and weaknesses of tech companies in the customer market, advising them on what to do to improve the effectiveness of their marketing, sales, product/service and relationship building activities.

But, in those 25 years, we've noticed a few significant shortcomings in the process:

The usual market research project is unlikely to have a significant impact on the market.  Lots of time and money is spent, data is collected, summarized, presented and a few actions are taken which fail to solve the problem.

It seems to us that there should be a more effective process, able to support the increasing demands placed on Marketing, and we now preach and support that approach in all we do. A research project is engineered to find and fix problems, to close the gaps keeping the organization and its customers from success. (See Our Approach.)