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Technology Marketing is under pressure to achieve greater accountability, transparancy and effectiveness. But it's usually seen as 'Hard and Costly'....

Actually, it's neither if done correctly!  We can show you how.
Techtel's approach: Use reality and clarity to make marketing and sales more effective.

Starting from the first project, Techtel can help raise the effectiveness of your marketing and your marketing communications and your ability to demonstrate ROI and accomplishments.   We have studied how others do it, added our own improvements and designed the best approaches that 'really work', i.e. are effective.  We remove the hype.

We use a systems approach, with dynamic models to combine the Seller's Viewpoint: The Pipeline, with the Buyer's Viewpoint: The Solution Cycle to produce an Integrated Market Influence model to drive your team into breakthrough thinking in Marketing Effectiveness improvement.

Techtel and its partners have done deep dive rethinking of the Marketing Measurement and Marketing Effectiveness issues and can help you in large and small ways to raise Marketing and Sales effectiveness to the new demands placed on it.

We do Market Research for the projects you have decided to do, or for the projects we jointly decide should be done to meet your needs. 

How we Work
Systematic rethinking of Marketing and Communications Effectiveness start to end to
raise revenues and lower costs.
Partner with you to bring it to reality, doing all the parts that you can't or don't want to.
Market research on a custom or syndicated basis
Targeted to your customers and prospects or our panels
Surveys can be one-time or tracked over time
Global or U.S.
Web and or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Survey, including Mobile Devices
Designed with your needs plus our new thinking, models and tools
We make it easy and productive to start