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Are you nearly ready to go to market on a new product or service campaign?  Do you want a last minute reality check and adjustment that could make the whole campaign significantly more effective?

Usually, the key factors our clients like to test at this point are category interest level, targeting, concept and message.  Techtel goes to the market with a test to a target broader than your target, presents the product or service concept and find out who reacts to it, and why. We test the messages about it too, usually separately so concept diagnostics are separate from message diagnostics.  We can add additional questions, such as how they are influenced and what processes they are following.

The design of the survey is similar to what we have done before and found works.  Using this format we can concentrate on helping you to quickly get the concept and messages into the correct survey format, plus specify and find the broader target to test.  We work with you, understand what you are trying to do and then we execute a web-based survey to check and tune the key assumptions, messages, targeting and messages.

If you wish, we can coordinate with your direct marketing agency and/or sales people to align the research and findings with what is most actionable for them.  We deliver a to-the-point report: here’s what was planned, here’s what we found.  Where gaps exist, we give direction for adjustment where it’s indicated in the research.

A typical project of this description can take as little as 2 weeks.

Techtel can help you with this.  Contact us at +1 (510) 655-9414 x 201 or Order/Inquire About Go-To-Market Test and Tune.