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Influence(r) Research and Techtel's Total Influence Marketing

'Influence' is the new and more meaningful label for 'Communications', updated to reflect the newly popular requirement that Communication in all its corporate forms should actually work to change or reinforce beliefs and actions that lead to purchase.

Influence attempts can lead to purchase directly if aimed at the decision-maker or in two or more steps if done through an Influencer such as the press, industry analysts, colleagues and peers, user groups, etc.  

Influencers may add to and subtract from their messages based upon their own and others' experiences.

Starting questions for a Total Influence Marketing approach:

Do you know who influences your potential buyers? Can you map the flow and interaction of Influence on your customers? Doing so would tell you where your influence is strong and weak.
What is your share of the input?  Are you losing influence with your best customers?
Are you losing influence with your targeted non-customers?
Do you know the relative importance of each source to these buyers?
Do you know how these influencers feel about you versus your competitors?
Do you know how these influencers should feel about you to raise their liklihood of buying from you?

Techtel's approach to the research and design required for communication that works, is Total Influence Marketing.

Techtel was the research and design partner for SAP's Award-Winning Influence Initiative.  Click on left to see details of how to build a Total Influence Marketing system.