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Did you ever turn on the water hose and had only a drizzle come out?  This happens all the time in marketing.  With a hose, its usually a kink, or the car is parked on it.  With a marketing pipeline, it's usually some logic break, missing critical information or confusion, leading to lost prospects.  Despite everyone working hard to set up their parts of the marketing and sales process there are usually errors sitting there in the process, ready to happen when prospects start reading the offer, then try to take the action you want.  Who at your organization is responsible for thinking like the customer and running through the hose to find the kinks?  If you dont do this, have Techtel do it. Order/Inquire About Last Minute Test By Customer.

Unlike the market testing in Go-To-Market Readiness Test and Tune (at left), this Last Minute Test is not done in the market because it doesn't take a sample of prospects to find a Kink.  It takes only one person to find out that they get lost when going from your expensive mailer to your expensive web site, or they encounter terms in the offer they don't understand, etc... And they leak from your pipeline as confusion sets in.  Even worse, they may decide that you are always sending confusing messages and they should just ignore you in the future.  Ouch!  Money spent to attract new customers turns instead into negative opinion!

What Techtel can do: within an hour of receiving your Last Minute Test request, it's sent to a number of our trained Last Minute Customer Testers to find one to match your situation and do the testing with reporting within 48 or 24 hours, as you request.  The Tester is given your request which specifies the ad, email or mail piece and the audience.  From there, it's approached as if by an interested prospect and the terms, promises, links, explanations are followed to find out if they really work, or not.  The report shows specific places where prospects would be lost and why, ready for fast fixing on your end, eliminating or minimizing needlessly lost prospects from an otherwise good offering.

This is a fast turnaround (24 - 48 hours) no-brainer mini-project that will fit most any budget and be able to show high and provable levels of ROI.  Call +1 (510) 655-9414 x 201 or email Techtel.