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Business decision-makers make a series of decisions during the process of finding, evaluating and choosing a solution (AKA the Pipeline).  At each step, they may include or exclude certain vendors from further consideration.  The goal of your organization's messages (themes, etc.) should be to make sure that you are included at each stage by each target influencer and decision maker.

We can help you identify what kind of messages resonate best with IT decision makers and through which channels.  We can test selected messages from your current campaigns plus your competitor's messages to identify what kind of messages resonate best with IT decision makers, and through which channels.


Syndicated message testing!  Have your messages tested for importance (relevance) to your target audience and whether they trust the source brand more or less than competitors.

Benefits:  understand how different messages are actually judged by their target audience.  To what extent do your communications to the market get ignored as unimportant or irrelevant?  To what extent are they tossed as untrustworthy promises based on prior experience with you? Knowing these, you can tailor the communication to the market in a way never possible before.