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Effective Influence over the market means the ability to find, attract, convert, keep and grow any target audience to your customer base, and keep them there producing revenues and profits.

Techtel's Total Influence Marketing is to change focus from Communications to Influence in marketing.  Techtel's contribution is the design and research necessary for the system.

Everthing done in marketing, sales, product/service development and customer service is meant to influence prospects to buy and customers to buy again.  Some influence is direct to prospects and some is thru intermediary influencers like the press and analysts.  But all actions are meant to give you influence over the market - the ability to set and change frameworks, beliefs and actions in the short range, and strength and quality of relationships in the long term.

Historically, a portfolio of influence tools (Advertising, PR, Events, Web, Communities, etc.) had the goal of 'Communicating' with buyers and those who might influence buyers.  But the company's goal was and is to move Prospects from stage to stage in the pipeline' from non awareness to awareness to consideration to evaluation to purchase, then to stronger levels of relationship and repurchase. This is done through actual influence, not just be communication attempts.   Recently, there has been a lot of excitement and interest in new social media, not necessarily because it's new but because it's newly effective.  But there has been little new in content and message with any proven long-term implications.  With the ability to test multiple messages in the market quickly, you can get very innovative and accelerate your learning cycle.  Use Techtel's Message Testing and Go-To-Market Testing for this.  And if it works for you, we can set it up as part of your Process Effectiveness improvements, to do every time.

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